Another possible reason for the disappearance of the Mayan civilization

(ORDO NEWS) — At a time when the Mayan civilization was in its final decline, hurricanes in the Caribbean became more frequent and violent. Experts made similar conclusions after carefully studying the climate archive.

The study itself and its results were described in detail in an article published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

Tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, which are considered quite frequent in this region, can become a threat not only to the lives of local residents, but also to their property.

Moreover, if the strength of storms gradually increases, then this can cause not only an environmental, but also a social catastrophe. Such cyclones in the past 20 years have caused enormous damage to the local population, and at the same time, their strength continues to increase every year.

The problem is that today climate models are used that do not have a certain temporal and spatial depth. Experts had to study a huge number of climate archives in order to at least approximately establish what the climate was like and how the cyclones behaved at the time of the disappearance of the Mayan civilization.

They found out that from about 100 to 900 BC, storm activity was relatively stable and therefore could not harm people. From the year 900 onwards, tropical cyclones have become more active and changeable.

Also, scientists were able to find several strong storm layers that coincide with the time of the final decline of the Mayan civilization in Central America. Experts, taking into account the results of the study, suggested that strong storms and flooding of the lands they cultivated could have influenced the death of a great civilization.


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