Angry bride rejects groom after learning he’s bald

(ORDO NEWS) — Telangana Today: the bride at the last moment found out about the baldness of the groom and canceled the wedding.

An angry bride in the Indian city of Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, rejected the groom and called off the wedding after she learned at the last moment that her fiancé was bald. It is reported by Telangana Today.

At first, the groom managed to hide his bald head from the bride and her relatives, but on the way to the place of the marriage ritual, he became dizzy and fainted. When the man was on the ground, his wig fell off, and everyone saw that he had no hair.

As soon as the bride found out about the baldness, she refused to continue the wedding. The people around tried to convince her, but the woman was adamant.

The matter reached the police, but the bride did not change her mind even after the intervention of law enforcement officers.

Later, during the panchayat, the bride’s family stated that they had spent 566 thousand rupees (430.4 thousand rubles) on organizing the wedding. The groom’s relatives agreed to pay damages to the bride’s father.

The bride’s uncle stated that the groom’s family should not have hidden that the man was bald.

“We could mentally prepare the bride and she wouldn’t be shocked. You can’t expect a marriage to be successful if it’s built on lies from the start,” he explained.

Police spokesman Ramjit Yadav said the bride was not ready for marriage. He noted that the families reached a compromise.

Earlier it was reported that the Indian lost his bride right during the wedding ceremony after the woman discovered that he was bald.

The man declared that he could not return home single, and married the daughter of a poor vegetable merchant.


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