Ancient settlement found in England where dogs were sacrificed

(ORDO NEWS) — England is very rich in archaeological finds. Recently, this status was only confirmed when an ancient Iron Age settlement was found in Cheshire, England.

Archaeological excavations were carried out on a farmer’s field in Cheshire, England. There, researchers discovered an ancient settlement and thousands of archaeological artifacts that tell us about the past.

Ancient settlement found in England where dogs were sacrificed 2

What archaeologists have found

Archaeological excavations have revealed a whole settlement dating back to 800 BC. The houses were round in shape and were built of earth and wood, the roof was thatched.

The researchers also found fragmented human bones, various ordinary things and dog bones. It is interesting that the remains of the animal were located in the center of the house – this, according to scientists, indicates precisely the sacrifice in exchange for prosperity.

The inhabitants of the settlement were quite wealthy. They used the nearby river to trade with other settlements. In particular, they traded in valuable salt.

Numerous samples of ceramics, molds for casting, stone anvils and carved deer antlers and products from them were also found at the excavation site.

In total, about 5 thousand artifacts were found: half of them were located in the house of the alleged leader of the tribe. By the way, it was there that they found a dog buried in the floor, which was sacrificed.


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