Amount of alcohol we drink is in our genes

(ORDO NEWS) — If a bottle of wine disappears fairly quickly after you open it, your genes may be partly to blame. The study found that the amount of alcohol a person drinks in a week is largely dependent on their biology.

You should not justify your craving for alcohol in this way, because this can lead to alcoholism and health problems.

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University, USA, studied the genetic data of almost 3.4 million people.

These people were also asked to complete a questionnaire about how many alcoholic beverages they consume on average per week.

How genes are linked to alcohol

Humans are 99.9% genetically identical. We share most of the genes, but have some variation in some of them. This difference can affect our way of life.

In the new study, scientists were able to identify more than 2,300 genetic variations that are more common among people who enjoy alcohol.

The 10% of people with the highest “score” for these genetic variations were found to consume, on average, more than seven standard drinks per week.

A “standard drink,” as defined in the study, is a small 150 ml glass of 12% ABV wine, or a small 350 ml bottle of 5% ABV beer, or just over one serving of a strong drink such as gin.

The study also found that people with a higher genetic predisposition to smoking tend to consume more alcoholic beverages per week.


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