Americans were on the moon: NASA presented further evidence

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — NASA Space Agency provided further evidence that the Americans were still on the moon. So, in the pictures you can see the faces of the astronauts participating in the Apollo 11 mission, in the framework of which the landing on the moon took place.

NASA regularly publishes images for skeptics. Quite a lot of people claim that on June 21, 1969 there was no landing on our natural satellite.

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If you look closely, you can see Aldrin’s smile. It is worth noting that in a previously published picture you can not see the details. Enthusiast Andy Sanders with the help of computer magic was able to significantly improve the photo. The picture itself was taken by the second astronaut Neil Armstrong.

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Aldrin did not have a camera with him, so he could not capture Armstrong. It turns out that there is almost no evidence of the presence of the Nile on the moon.

Experts managed to find only one fuzzy photo taken by a camera on the landing module. Again, computer processing has significantly improved the picture. If you try, then you can consider the features of the face of the Nile.


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