Scientists doubt the laws of nature: the universal constant of electromagnetism may be different

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to scientists from UNSWSydney (Australia), there can be 4 more dimensions of light in nature that are studied by a quasar located 13 billion light-years from us. This implies the following: the universal constant may not be as constant as it is now.

As Professor John Webb noted, the fine structure constant is a measure of electromagnetism, and this is one of the fundamental forces of the world. Today, the fine structure constant is used to determine the strength of electromagnetism. A constant number was determined based on the speed of light, electron charge, and other quantities.

It is thanks to the electromagnetic force that all objects in space are held in place. Without it, all of them would have scattered to different corners of the Universe. More recently, it was believed that this force is completely unchanged.

New data from scientists say that the constant is different in various corners of outer space. Experts during the study of the quasar made 4 measurements of the constant along the line of observation. Their differences were obvious. This is the first study that leads to a revolution in understanding the universe.


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