Americans caught fish 90 million years old

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(ORDO NEWS) — A man from the USA caught a fish aged 90 million years, writes WOWT. True, during this time the catch turned into a fossil.

As Andy Moore from Oklahoma said, at first he thought that the hook of his fishing rod was caught on some kind of stone, so the man could not immediately raise the catch to the surface.

Using the boat, the fisherman swam closer and saw through the water column the outlines of the skeleton.

“I decided that this is the skeleton of a large catfish or deer. Something told me to take a picture of it,” Moore recalls.

As soon as Andy posted pictures of the fossil online, he immediately began to receive calls and messages.

“They wrote to me: “Are you aware that the photo shows a fossil about 90 million years old?” shared the fisherman.

Later, the American contacted biologists, who confirmed the age of the find. According to experts, the remains belong to a prehistoric predator fish. The fossil will be put on public display.

“I’m still in shock from all this,” Andy added.


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