Can a person survive without animals and plants

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Tom Langen, professor of biology at Clarkson University, man absolutely could not live without representatives of flora and fauna. And there are three reasons why this is so.

Tom Langen is a scientist and professor of biology at Clarkson University. It explores the interaction of various plants, microorganisms, humans and other living beings with each other.

According to him, people could not survive without other animals and plants. And there are three explanations for this.

1- Food production. Without animals and plants, people would simply have nothing to eat. Almost all food that a person eats is of plant or animal origin. Yes, there are still processed foods, but they make up only a small part of the total diet.

Now chemists have found a way to produce different molecules using different energy sources. These molecules can be used to make synthetic food products. But so far, all this technology is very complex and extremely expensive.

Also, to maintain the purity of the soil and air, it is necessary that many different organisms work, including very small ones. They also help purify water and prevent erosion.

2- The health of the human body. Most of the functions of the human body depend on the ecosystem of microbes that live in its respiratory, digestive, reproductive systems, as well as on the skin.

Such microbes are called the microbiome. And each microbiome is unique. It provides protection against infections, helps in the digestion of food, the recovery of nutrients from it, the synthesis of vitamins.

3- Human happiness. Scientific studies show that people feel healthier and happier when they are around other animals and plants.

Also, scientific papers say that in a city where there is wildlife, where there is a lot of vegetation along the streets and buildings, people themselves are more active, feel healthier and happier, and are less prone to stress.


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