Scientists have deciphered the mysterious letters 4,000 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — The mysterious ancient writing system was used by people living in 2300-1800. BC. in present-day southern Iran. Scientists have found a way to decipher 95% of the surviving texts, writes Live Science.

According to the source, 40 samples of Elamite linear writing have “survived” to our times – this is very little, so it is not easy to study the meaning of what was written.

The key to deciphering the texts was the successful analysis of eight inscriptions on silver goblets.

The article of scientists cites as an example the translation of one short text: “Puzur-Sushinak is the king of Avan, Insushinak [the deity] loves him.”

The ancient text also states that anyone who goes against Puzur-Sushinak must be “destroyed”. The researchers promise to publish more translations in the future.

Scientists have deciphered the mysterious letters 4 000 years old 2
The name Kutik-Insushinak is written in Linear Elamite. From about 2240 BC. to 2220 BC Kutik-Insushinak was the king of Elam and the last of the Avan dynasty

It is known that there are about 300 signs in the Elamite linear script, they denoted various sounds. For example, a crescent-shaped sign reads “pa”.

Despite great progress in deciphering, about 3.7% of the signs remain illegible. Scientists are still trying to find “keys” to them.


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