American woman lost $ 26 million by accidentally washing a lottery ticket

(ORDO NEWS) — An unpleasant situation occurred with a resident of a suburb of Los Angeles. She washed the winning lottery ticket with her belongings in the washing machine.

Now, if she does not prove to Superlotto Plus that she is the owner of the lucky ticket, she will be left without a multi-million dollar win. The $ 26 million jackpot will be distributed among California schools.

It is reported by the BBC.

The American woman, whose name has not been released, did not claim her Super Lotto Plus winnings. Her ticket was lucky and could make her owner richer by $ 26 million.

A Norwalk resident bought the lottery on May 14, 2020. On the security cameras in the store, it was visible how she buys a ticket, the date and time. After the draw took place and the results were announced, the US citizen had a full year at her disposal to claim her winnings.

By chance, the woman washed her trousers in the pocket of which she kept the ticket. The fact is that after washing, it turned out that the lottery was hopelessly deteriorated.

Lottery owners are currently examining video footage from the store. However, this evidence may not be enough.


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