US: a huge 100-year-old sturgeon was pulled out of the Detroit River

(ORDO NEWS) — An absolutely unique case occurred in the American city of Michigan. From the Detroit River, biologists fished a sturgeon, which is believed to be more than 100 years old. The specimen, 2.1 m long and 109 kg in weight, is a female Acipenser fulvescens.

Live Science reports.

The US Fish and Wildlife Conservancy had no idea that this river was home to fish of this size. Biologists from Alpena dubbed the fish “the real river monster.”

Initially, researchers found it difficult to establish the approximate age of the fish, as well as its gender. How sturgeon has not come across to scientists for so many years remains a mystery. The impressive dimensions of the animal simply could not be unnoticed.

Jason Fisher, a fish biologist who took part in sturgeon fishing, shared his first impressions. “As we pulled it out, it got bigger and bigger – it was incredible!” At some point, biologists thought they were pulling a monster out of the water.

Lake sturgeon – this particular type of fish was caught. It lives in fresh waters from the Hudson to the Mississippi. Males of this species of sturgeon live on average 50-60 years, females twice as long. Sturgeons spend most of their lives at the bottom of rivers and lakes. Perhaps that is why the giant could not be found for so long.

In recent years, the population has declined rapidly. This is due to the pollution of aquifers. Therefore, these fish are protected. To rule out the possibility of complete extinction, biologists literally “count” fish in rivers.


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