American tenacity helped him become a dollar millionaire

(ORDO NEWS) — A man living in the US state of Michigan has always chosen the same combination for playing the lottery for 30 years. After many years, finally, luck was on his side. The lucky one won $ 18.4 million.

The information about the winnings was published on the official website of the lottery company. Reported by Milotteryconnect.

The 61-year-old player played Lotto 47 and hit the jackpot by matching all six numbers. The huge sum was won on July 31st with a combination that the man has been using since 1991. Only three decades later, she was able to bring him the coveted victory.

The American said that he always checked tickets just before going to bed. When he realized that he had won, he rechecked everything several times and still could not fully believe that he was now a millionaire. He added that in recent years he began to think about changing his favorite combination, but still continued to use it further.

The lottery company provided information that a man could receive his winnings in two ways. The entire amount for a certain time would be paid to him at 614 thousand. It was also possible to take all the money at once, but the amount of the win in this case would be $ 11.7 million.

The American immediately took the amount offered to him. He also shared that he was going to give part of the money to his family and donate another part to charity. He will keep everything else in his account.


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