In Denmark, an amateur archaeologist finds dozens of gold items

(ORDO NEWS) — In the middle of an ordinary agricultural field near the town of Jelling in Denmark, a treasure of gold objects that date back to the 6th century AD was discovered. A total of 22 artifacts were found. Their total weight was 945 grams.

An unusual find was made by Ole Schitz, an amateur archaeologist who only recently began to get involved in this kind of activity. Prior to this discovery, the man had used a metal detector no more than ten times.

Reported by The History Blog.

The archaeologist warned not only the authorities, but also specialists from the Vejle museums, who were engaged in further excavations in this field and for some time did not tell anyone about the gold treasure. Such precautions were necessary to prevent the area from attracting robbers.

The hoard contains two gold coins from Roman times, which have been converted into beautiful pendants. They also discovered a piece of jewelry with a very complex pattern. The rest of the items are bracteates.

Further excavations made it possible to establish that the treasure was hidden under the floor of a huge building. Such a treasure could only belong to an influential and very rich person.

Archaeologists added that there was a small city on this territory during the migration period, but they had not found anything like this here before and could not even imagine that a really powerful person with such an amount of gold could live in such a settlement.

Bracteates are special round medallions that were used as pendants. They, as a rule, were small in size, and figures from Scandinavian mythology were often depicted on the products themselves.


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