An old weight was found in Jerusalem, with which buyers were deceived

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists managed to accidentally discover a weight that was used in ancient Egypt to deceive buyers in trade. Fraud with such a weight is described in great detail in the Bible and is very much criticized. Reported by The Juresalem Post.

A weight weight was found in the northern part of Jerusalem. Its age is about 2700 years.

The product was used at the time of the Temple of Solomon. It should be noted that this is the second such weight, which was found by experts in Israel. Its diameter does not exceed 14 mm and its height is only 12 mm.

This weight was made of a fairly hard type of limestone and has an engraving that indicates that the weight of the item is 0.944 grams. In fact, it has a slightly different weight. Scientists have found that the mass of an old weight is three times more than it is indicated on it – 3.61 grams.

Eli Shukron and Hagai Cohen Colonymus believe that the weight was used solely for fraudulent purposes to deceive customers. This is described in great detail on the pages of the Bible and is harshly criticized. It should be noted that at the moment excavations in this area are ongoing and their results will be published only in a few days.


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