American supercomputer Frontier became the fastest in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — The Frontier supercomputer, which is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA), achieved a performance of 1,102 exaflops per second and took first place in the ranking of the most powerful in the world.

For comparison, the Japanese supercomputer Fugaku, which until today was considered the most powerful in the world, provides a performance of 442 petaflops per second.

Frontier is based on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) CrayEX platform, which is powered by AMD EPYC 64C 2GHz processors and AMD Instinct 250X professional GPUs.

Inside the supercomputer, more than 9,400 CPUs and 37,000 GPUs are installed in 74 custom-built cabinets, bringing the number of cores to 8,730,112.

The Frontier system also features 700 petabytes of storage with HPE Slingshot high-performance Ethernet for data transfer.

To ensure that the supercomputer does not overheat, four pumps pump 22,712 liters of water through the cabinets every minute!


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