American astronaut called the idea of ​​colonizing Mars “terrible”

(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk and other enthusiasts have big plans for the conquest of the Red Planet by man. However, some people are not happy with this prospect.

NASA astronaut Stanley Love, in an interview with The Sun, said he was horrified by the idea of ​​conquering Mars. “Do I think it’s possible? Of course. But will it be nice? No. I think it’s a terrible idea.”

In an interview with the publication, Love explained that his conclusions are based on the experience of living in Antarctica for several months.

He and several other people actually lived in the open air: they had only small tents to hide in from the weather.

“It was very cold in Antarctica. Food should be saved. We once received three wormy apples the size of a ping-pong ball.

And we had to divide them among the eight members of the expedition, so that each received exactly three-eighths.

Now imagine how the colonists on Mars will survive with a limited amount of provisions? says the astronaut.

“Mars is not a walk or a picnic. I don’t think people will like [the process of colonization],” Love summed up.


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