All the gold mined in the world will fit in a cube measuring 23 by 23 meters

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(ORDO NEWS) — Indeed, all the gold that has been mined in the history of mankind can be placed in a cube with sides of 23 meters.

This is not only an interesting fact, but also allows you to appreciate how rare and valuable precious metals are.

Gold is one of the most precious metals on the planet.

It has unique properties such as high ductility and thermal conductivity, making it valuable as a material for jewelry and industry. Gold is also used as a reserve currency and investment asset.

However, despite its value, gold has only been mined in small quantities. According to the World Gold Council, about 3,200 tons of gold were mined in the world in 2020.

Given an average gold density of 19.3 g/cm³, this means that all of the gold mined this year could fit into a cube approximately 10 meters on a side.

Historical data shows that the total amount of gold mined in the world is about 190,000 tons. If you imagine this as a cube with sides of 23 meters, this means that the entire world’s gold supply fits into a small space.

However, do not forget that gold continues to be mined and used in various sectors of the economy, which makes it a precious and sought-after resource.


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