Alien skull found in Bulgaria in 2001 – proof of the existence of aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many reasons why the scientific community refuses to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, they refer to the fact that in any case there are no bodies or physical remains of aliens, so proving the existence of aliens is unrealistic, but is it really?

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There are hundreds of different pieces of evidence that create win-win situations, but almost all of them are either dismissed as hoaxes, even if they aren’t, or carefully hidden until they are examined.

Such is the case with the exotic Rhodopean skull, an amazing relic that has never been seen before.

The skull was found by a man from Plovdiv in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains, a city 90 miles (150 km) southeast of the capital Sofia.

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The skull was found buried next to a small oval metal object by a man who preferred to remain anonymous.

The man’s story begins with a dream in which five humanoid beings dressed in yellow metal suits guide him to a place in the Rodobin Mountains near the border between Bulgaria and Greece.

On May 21, 2001, he went to the place indicated by the humanoid creature, where, of course, he found him.

His discovery caused a lot of controversy, many astronauts considered him proof of the existence of aliens and their presence on Earth.

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At first, he showed his find to a narrow circle of people interested in the paranormal, but the man could not hide the skull for a long time, and in the end everyone found him.

The skull was examined by archaeologist Katya Malamet of the Bugge Academy of Sciences and Professor Dimitar Kovachev, director of the Asenovgrad Museum of Paleontology. They both said they had never seen anything like it before.

Its skull is as small as that of a human child, but the bone structure is lighter and thinner, weighing only 250 grams (8.8 ounces). It had six cavities, which, according to the researchers, were the alien’s sense organs.

When he was alive, he may have had six eyes and possibly other completely unknown organs. Interestingly, where we would expect to see him, he did not have a hole for his mouth.

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Professor Kovachev is convinced that it is not a fossil and that the skull bears no resemblance to any humanoid creature known to science.

“We have not been able to find an analogy or correlation with anything from the last 30 million years,” Kovachev said.

Skeptics believe that the skull belongs to an unidentified animal species, although its features do not resemble those of any other animal.

There are several interesting theories about the Rhodopean skull. The famous Bulgarian psychic Kubrat Tomov believes that it belongs to a genetically engineered being created by the Atlanteans.

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According to him, the skull is the remains of a failed experiment that was carried out in the area thousands of years ago.

According to another version, it may be the remains of an alien, hastily buried by soldiers operating in the area during World War II.

The Bulgarian villager who discovered the skull said he received several generous offers to sell it, but unfortunately the skull disappeared before scientists could do DNA analysis and carbon dating.

Whoever the owner of the skull was today, he clearly did not want to share his property with other people, even if it could be evidence of an alien presence.


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