Alexandria workshop unearthed by archaeologists in Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — The archaeological mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt discovered an ancient workshop for the manufacture of pottery vessels dating back to the beginning of the Roman era.

According to the website of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the discovery was made by a team of archaeologists working at the Tibet Matruh site, west of Alexandria. She managed to find a workshop for the manufacture of amphoras.

As explained by Dr. Mustafa Vaziri, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the workshop consisted of a group of furnaces, two of which the archaeologists managed to unearth. Interestingly, they were carved into the rock. One of the ancient furnaces is in good condition.

The workshop has been dated to the Roman period, but, according to experts, it could have been used for several centuries.

So, in the northern section of this object, the remains of a lime kiln, which dates back to the Byzantine era, were found. The mission was also able to locate a building located south of two rock ovens. Scientists suggest that this could be a warehouse for storing tools – items for the daily use of a large group of workers.

The remains of several limestone buildings were also found, inside of which dishes and various utensils were found.

These buildings date back to the era of the Ptolemaic dynasty. They were probably used for different purposes. Thus, one of the premises, as determined by the experts, was residential. It was intended for temporary accommodation of workers.

Other premises were used as manufactories. Millstones, amphoras, various types of weights and spindles were found inside them.

Another room may have been used for cooking and selling food. Inside it, the remains of amphorae were also found, in which fish bones were preserved. Cooking ovens were also excavated there, and a large number of coins were found on the floor of these rooms.

Another excavated room was used for religious rituals. It differs from other rooms by a platform built on top of the floor.

Fragments of terracotta statues were found on it. These figurines are poorly preserved, however, scientists have found that some of them depicted the god Harpocrates. Some figurines, apparently, depicted the current ruler.

According to Ibrahim Mustafa, head of the archaeological mission, his team collected a rather large collection of ancient coins during field work, most of which date back to the Ptolemaic era.

The mission also found parts of terracotta statues of gods and women, an amulet and a feathered crown of the god Bes, one of the most mysterious and revered gods of Ancient Egypt, who was depicted as a dwarf.

In addition, archaeologists have found a considerable number of fish hooks and a boat anchor. Also, about a hundred burials were found in the vicinity of the workshop.

Scientists suggest that in an earlier era a large number of rock-cut tombs were located here. However, this “cemetery” by the time the workshop was built, probably had long been abandoned.


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