After these exercises, your brain will become much more productive

(ORDO NEWS) — Intelligence is the most important resource in the 21st century. It allows you to reach great career heights, establish a successful business, and win various medals and titles. Like muscles, the brain can and should be trained. There are dozens of unique exercises and techniques for this, the result of which will be visible almost immediately.

Scientists from different countries of the world have repeatedly conducted research on this topic and confirmed the possibility of increasing intelligence during hard training. There is nothing difficult in this, you just need to learn how to train the brain correctly and systematically approach classes.

Mirror painting

The brain consists of two hemispheres: the left one controls the right half of the body and is responsible for logical thinking, and the right one is responsible for creativity and intuition, and also controls the left half of the body. Most people have only one hemisphere developed. You can fix this situation using mirror painting. You just need to take a piece of paper and a pen in each hand.

Then you need to start drawing the same shapes at the same time. Start with simple circles, ovals, or squares. Over time, the task can be complicated and go to full-fledged volumetric drawings.

Restoring reality from memory

To develop the right brain hemisphere, you need to do visualization. To perform the exercise correctly, it is important to eliminate any noises and stimuli, sit in a comfortable position and relax. Then you need to remember the facial features of a loved one in as much detail as possible. When you have managed to restore the face, you should try to reproduce his voice, smell it.

The image should be worked out as realistic as possible. When this is no longer a problem, you can begin to fantasize and invent your own universes.

Neurobics – charging for all senses

This method was developed by the American neuroscientist Katz. The essence of neurobics is to make all the mundane and routine processes unfamiliar. In practice, it looks like this:

• You need to start moving around the house with your eyes closed.
• Write with the other hand.
• You need to take a new route to work or study.
• While eating, you should try to feel all the notes of its taste and smell.
• The usual questions should be answered outside the box, and so on.

Coming up with a story

You need to choose a few random words, and then logically link them together in a short story. For greater effect, the exercise is best done in writing. It will be difficult at first, but then several completely unrelated words can be harmoniously combined in just a couple of sentences.


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