According to official documents in 2014, possessed children walked the walls

(ORDO NEWS) — Official documents detail an unusual case of triple possession that occurred in Indiana in 2014.

Tales of demonic possession may seem like nothing more than fictional stories found in books and films, but in recent years there have been several cases that make you think that something unusual happened here.

In this particular case, an Indiana mother claimed that her three children were “possessed” and exhibited all sorts of disturbing (and seemingly impossible) behaviors, from talking with their mouths closed (as in ventriloquism) to levitating and walking on their bedroom walls. .

While such claims may seem ridiculous and easily dismissed as gibberish, these phenomena have been observed by a number of authorities, including police officers and even medical professionals.

The incident was recorded in official government documents, which reported that at least one psychologist witnessed the woman’s 9-year-old son “talking in various deep voices” and “walking backwards on the wall.”

“Medical personnel said they were watching the children and heard a seven-year-old child make growling noises and his eyes rolling back to the back of his head,” the report said.

“They saw the boy being picked up and thrown against the wall without anyone touching him.”

“He had a weird smirk on his face and he started walking backwards while grandma held his hand and he walked back up the wall holding grandma’s hand and didn’t let her go. He rolled over, landed on his feet in front of grandma and sat down in a chair.

In the end, all three were taken away from their mother by the guardianship service, on the pretext that she was not able to raise them.


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