Eyewitnesses around the world report seeing creatures from urban legends

(ORDO NEWS) — Any folklore, although it refers, for the most part, to the realm of fiction, as a rule, is still based on some real facts and observations. There are eyewitnesses who claim that they have met creatures that resemble some characters from urban legends.

Meeting with Reik

A schoolgirl from Scotland, under the nickname livinlavidaloca182, published on the Reddit website a story about a mysterious incident that happened to her. Around 11 pm, she was walking with her friend in the park area near her house.

When they reached the platform where benches and swings were installed, they suddenly felt a strong unpleasant smell. Looking for its source, the teenagers noticed a creature squatting next to one of the benches.

At first it seemed to them that it was a man, only naked.

But the creature was very tall, if in full growth, then probably not less than 2.5 meters.

His skin was pale grey. Suddenly it started to giggle.

It was like a child’s laughter, but for some reason it made an eerie impression. The meeting greatly frightened the narrator.

Those who read livinlavidaloca182’s post think that she may have encountered a monster from urban horror stories named Reik or Fleshgait.

Dog Man near the Texas Zoo

Recently, a picture was posted on Reddit taken by one of the employees of the Amarillo Zoo (USA, Texas). The photo shows a strange creature on two legs. It has a dog-like face, long pointed ears, and very long limbs that are bent forward like a human.

Of course, the photo aroused great interest among users, who immediately began to comment and build various guesses about the nature of the creature.

Some have suggested that this is the famous Chupacabra, others that it is Dogman, or Dog Man, as they call him in English-speaking countries.

It is believed that these are werewolves who can turn from humans to dogs and vice versa.

Usually in the state of “conversion” they retain some human traits.

Meanwhile, it was in Amarillo in 1970 that a certain paranormal incident occurred. Then, in front of eyewitnesses, someone threw two dogs from the attic of the house. Both were skinned alive. Police officers went up to the attic to see what was happening there.

Soon, those who were standing below heard shots, and later the corpse of one of the policemen was thrown out of the attic window. Some managed to see the creature standing at the window. It looked like a large, naked, hairless man with blue skin. He had inhuman red eyes and claws instead of fingers.

The legend says that subsequently the military simply blew up the house with grenades, and then set fire to the rubble, apparently so as not to leave any traces. Although, many saw claw prints near the ruins …

Is there any connection between the dog killer and the “dogman” photographed? Or is it a total hoax? Who knows… However, the photo looks very convincing.

Gollum from Kentucky

A user who calls himself Douglas Windsor McCloney III posted a video on one of the social networks, which shows a strange humanoid creature.

The author of the post wrote that the video was filmed by a surveillance camera in the town of Morehead, in the Red River Gorge area, the US state of Kentucky.

Unfortunately, the quality of the recording was very poor. It is possible to see only a whitish figure, similar to a very thin person, which, crouching on half-bent limbs, moves next to a car parked near some building.

“It doesn’t move like a human,” Douglas comments. “It moves almost like its kneecaps are pointing backwards.

It reminds me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

The author draws attention to the fact that in some frames you can see the ribs and bones of the creature’s skeleton, so it is most likely even without clothes.

A number of users who left comments under the video suggested that it was one of the so-called “pale crawlers” – the characters of urban legends. They have a thin and white body and move on all fours.

A couple of times the crawlers were captured on video, but so far no one has been able to prove that this is a falsification.

First, the creatures move very strangely.

Secondly, the local Indians have legends that tell of similar entities that arrived from another world.

Other commentators believe that this is a robber who is going to rob a house or a car, he is just very thin and dressed in tight clothes. And he moves so strangely, because he hides and does not want to attract attention to himself.

There were also opinions that the video showed a disabled person, a drug addict or a mentally ill person. In general, the identity of Gollum remains a mystery, as well as other incomprehensible creatures that people have encountered.


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