Xiaomi’s first humanoid robot costs $100,000

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2021, Tesla announced that it was developing a humanoid robot to work in factories. It is known that his height will be 173 centimeters, and his weight will reach 57 kilograms.

Instead of a face, he will have a display that displays important information for the people around him. The official presentation of the Tesla robot is expected only in September 2022, but the Chinese company Xiaomi has already presented a copy of it – it is also as human-like as possible and is called CyberOne.

During the presentation of the new devices of the Chinese giant, a humanoid robot took the stage and presented the head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, with a flower. The robot looks very stylish, but what people are most interested in is what it will be capable of. For example, can he carry loads like a Tesla robot?

Robots from Xiaomi are not only vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi is already known all over the world – without any exaggeration, it is just as well-known as Apple and Samsung. This is a very large manufacturer of equipment, so during presentations it has long been impossible to get by with the announcements of several smartphones.

Previously, she has already surprised the public with a demonstration of the robot – in 2021, she released the CyberDog robot dog, which strongly resembles Spot from Boston Dynamics.

Xiaomis first humanoid robot costs 100 000 2
Robot CyberDog from Xiaomi

Robot CyberOne from Xiaomi

During the presentation of 2022, a new robot appeared on the stage for the head of the company Lei Jun – his name is CyberOne and he is as similar to a person as possible. It has a head, a torso and all the limbs, so it can move on two legs without any problems and maintains a good balance.

In fairness, it should be noted that the walking mechanism at the moment is not the best, because the Atlas robot from the same Boston Dynamics walks much more confidently and is even capable of performing tricks (even most people are not capable of this).

But for Xiaomi, which is best known as a manufacturer of smartphones and fitness bands, this is a very good result. According to Lei Jun, the robot was developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab, which endowed the design with many functions.

During the presentation, only walking and the ability to give a person a flower were demonstrated. However, at least “on paper”, the CyberOne robot is capable of a lot.

Xiaomis first humanoid robot costs 100 000 3
CyberOne robot costs $100,000

What can the Xiaomi robot do?

For example, it is equipped with the Mi-Sense deep vision module, which helps it navigate in three-dimensional space.

Today, even a cheap robot vacuum cleaner has this ability, so what we are most interested in is that the new robot is able to recognize gestures and emotions of people.

The processing technology is called MiAI and at the current stage of development is familiar with 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 types of human emotions.

Xiaomis first humanoid robot costs 100 000 4
Robot CyberOne is able to recognize the emotions of people

During the presentation, it was said that CyberOne can notice a person’s sadness and comfort him. It would be interesting to see how this happens, but the company did not even show it on video. Maybe this case involves an OLED display installed instead of a face.

Xiaomis first humanoid robot costs 100 000 5
Instead of a face, the CyberOne robot has an OLED display

What is the Xiaomi robot for?

How to perceive the Xiaomi humanoid robot is not clear. Given its ability to recognize emotions, it can be assumed that it could be used in hospitals to care for patients. It is clearly not suitable for dragging cargo like a Tesla robot, because it walks too uncertainly and, in general, does not look very strong.

According to TechCrunch, it’s best compared to ASIMO, Honda’s android robot developed in 2000. This project is still under development.

So, the version of the Honda ASIMO robot released in 2014 has a height of 130 centimeters, weighs 50 kilograms and moves at speeds up to 7 kilometers per hour. Both ASIMO and CyberOne are more than just technology demonstration robots. For real-world use, they are, at least today, not suitable.

Xiaomis first humanoid robot costs 100 000 6
Robot ASIMO from Honda

But the Tesla robot, the presentation of which is expected at the end of September 2022, is very intriguing. Entrepreneur Elon Musk has very high hopes for him – there have even been suggestions that in the future Tesla will be better known as a manufacturer of robots, not cars.

At the moment, the Tesla humanoid robot is called Optimus and is positioned as an assistant at production points.


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