A woman who did not know about the pregnancy suddenly gave birth in the shower

(ORDO NEWS) — The mother of two children, who did not know about the pregnancy, suddenly gave birth to a third child.

An unaware mother of two in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia, took a shower and suddenly gave birth to her third child. It is reported by The Mirror.

Dimitti Bonnet, 28, and her husband Jason, 42, had two children. The couple dreamed of having a third child, but to no avail.

One evening, Bonnet felt a slight deterioration in well-being. She put the children to bed and decided to go to bed early. “About 1 am I woke up and felt unwell.

The pain started to get worse and I decided to take a shower to relax. I did not want to wake my husband, so I did not turn on the light and took a shower in the dark.

Suddenly I felt that I needed to push, and after a few seconds I was already holding the baby’s head with my hands, ”she said.

In a state of shock, the woman sat on the floor in the dark and eventually gave birth. After that, she began to call her husband.

He ran to the bathroom and found that his wife was covered in blood and was holding a newborn child in her arms.

The couple called an ambulance in a panic. Doctors took the woman and the baby to the hospital, where doctors monitored their condition for 24 hours.

According to Bonnet, she did not suspect anything when she gained a few pounds, as she led a sedentary lifestyle due to the lockdown.

According to her, menstruation did not stop. In addition, a few weeks before the birth, she took a pregnancy test and received a negative result.

The woman noted that the older children were happy when their parents told them about the new brother. Family and friends supported the couple and helped to get a stroller, clothes, diapers and a crib for the newborn.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the US state of Oklahoma did not notice that she was pregnant and unexpectedly gave birth. She claims to have used birth control.


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