A strange burial of a woman was found on the island of Sardinia

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(ORDO NEWS) — A strange and incomprehensible burial was found in Sardinia. Archaeologists were surprised by the position of the remains.

Most likely, this person was killed with a nail. Otherwise, how to explain his marks in the skull?

The burial was discovered in the necropolis of Monte Luna, which is in the southern part of Sardinia. Punic people were buried here as early as the second century BC. Archaeologists do not only excavate.

Often, when discovering human remains, they need to be a little detective.

This makes it possible to see a complete picture: who was a person during his life, how he died and was buried, etc.

This is what happened this time too, when a strange burial, which is more than 2000 years old, was found in Sardinia.

The corpse was buried face down, and there was a nail mark in the skull.

There are several assumptions about death:

1) the person died from a TBI

2) the person died of epilepsy

If the cause of death is TBI, most likely the victim died in a fight.

Someone took the first thing they got their hands on and stuck it in the person’s head. If the cause of death is disease, then there are traces of trepanation on the skull.

Trepanations were carried out in ancient Egypt, although we do not know how successful they were.

The second version of death is also confirmed by the fact that the corpse was buried face down. In the distant past, when people believed in evil spirits, they performed various rituals for their protection.

They hid in this way so that the “evil spirit” would not get out and start infecting others.

It is known today that epilepsy is not transmitted to other people. And two thousand years ago medicine was very primitive.

There were no antibiotics, people died from common infections and fractures.


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