Are rich people really smarter than the poor: Scientists gave the answer

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(ORDO NEWS) — The world has developed a not entirely pleasant stereotype.

For some reason, it is believed that rich people are smarter than the middle class and are superior to the poor in terms of cognitive abilities.

However, Swedish scientists conducted an interesting experiment that gave unusual results.

Material goods are not an indicator of the level of intelligence. Thousands of people have gone from millionaire to bankrupt, as well as back.

If we talk about cognitive habits, first of all it is: memory, concentration, decision-making, logical thinking, etc.

Agree, not all millionaires can boast of such outstanding abilities. Think of US President George W. Bush, his intelligence level is one of the lowest among famous personalities.

After passing the IQ test, this person scored only 91 points, which is considered “too low”. And let’s remember the Nobel laureates, who were often geniuses, but lived in poverty.

The richest are not the smartest, say Swedish scientists

Swedish scientists from Linkoping University conducted a test among 60,000 volunteers. They tried to find out the causal relationship between wealth and level of intelligence.

It turns out that the rich are less intelligent than the middle class. And the poorest people had the most developed cognitive habits.

This suggests that the salary level does not depend on how smart a person is. It is necessary to take into account the economic factors of the state.

It is also necessary to take into account the level of education among the population.

In countries where the majority of citizens have higher education, the general standard of living is not always higher than in those countries where the number is lower.

It’s all about the economy, the level of the minimum wage and employment.


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