A solar flare threatens NASA’s mission

(ORDO NEWS) — Large coronal plasma ejection could harm NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter. The Sun’s crown is its uppermost fried layer. Coronal plasma flares and rains regularly occur here. But this time the explosion was so powerful that it reached Mars in two days and nearly destroyed the first launched helicopter on Mars, reported by Scitech Daily.

The plasma ejection this time went from the Sun to Mars at a low speed. It was equal to approximately 700-800 km / s. By cosmic standards, this is considered very slow.

In the event of a collision of plasma with an aircraft, it would simply burn out. There are also other dangers: asteroids, meteorites. How to be protected, where nothing depends on you?

The study of solar activity is a necessary process that helps to avoid collisions of rockets, satellites and other vehicles. When rockets and satellites leave Earth’s orbit, only detailed observation of the Sun makes it possible to avoid disasters.

In this case, the specialists worked phenomenally, noticing the explosion in time. They quickly made all the calculations, calculated the trajectory of the direction of the plasma. As a result, the NASA Ingenuity helicopter on Mars was saved.


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