A kilometer-long asteroid is approaching the Earth at high speed

(ORDO NEWS) — An incredible asteroid is approaching our planet at great speed. The space body, dubbed 2016 AJ193, measures approximately 1.4 kilometers in diameter. The object is considered dangerous enough and in the event of a collision can provoke a terrible catastrophe.

This is reported by NASA.

At a distance of 3.4 million kilometers, a giant asteroid will fly past the Earth in a few days – on August 21. Experts note that it has dimensions that are larger than the other 99% of space objects. The next approach to our planet will occur only in August 2080. Then the distance will be twice as long as it is now – about 7 million kilometers.

Asteroid 2016 AJ193 was first recorded by specialists 11 years ago. The cosmic body belongs to the Apollo group. In order to make one flight around the Sun, it takes almost 6 years or 2155 days.

Why is this object classified as potentially dangerous? Experts call dangerous those space bodies, the diameter of which exceeds the mark of 140 meters. Moreover, the distance at which they fly near our planet should be less than 7.5 million kilometers.

Potentially dangerous asteroids are closely monitored, because at any moment, under the influence of various factors, the flight trajectory can change.


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