A horseshoe-shaped island appears off the coast of Japan

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the Pacific Ocean, at a distance of almost 1200 kilometers from Tokyo, a completely new island has appeared. It arose due to the fact that some time ago there was a fairly strong eruption of one of the underwater volcanoes.

It is reported by Forbes.

Information about volcanic activity from the coast guard arrived a week ago. It was also said that a whole plume of gas and steam had risen from the ocean to a sufficiently high altitude. Its height has reached almost 15 kilometers. After some time, a new horseshoe-shaped island was discovered.

At the same time, it was clearly visible how a rather rapid solidification of lava occurs on the land area.

In fact, this land mass turned out to be the summit of the giant Fukutoku-Okanoba volcano, which was previously flooded. Its conical summit now rises from the Pacific Ocean near South Iwo Jima. Experts noted the fact that this is far from the first volcanic eruption.

The last time volcanic activity in this region was recorded 11 years ago. An interesting point is that in 1986, the formation of a new island also occurred as a result of the eruption.

On August 17, the Coast Guard surveyed an area near the land mass and noticed a huge amount of pumice stones. In satellite imagery, giant chunks of pumice can also be replaced. Local authorities are confident that the volcano will continue to erupt in the near future, so the amount of gas and ash may increase in this area.


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