Indian woman builds temple in honor of her deceased husband

(ORDO NEWS) — An Indian woman named Padmavati lost her husband Gurukula Anki Reddy in a car accident 14 years ago. To honor the memory of her husband, the woman built a small temple, which she now comes to every day.

It is reported by Odditycentral.

Padmavati says that the decision to build the temple came after she dreamed of her late husband. In a dream, he asked to do it as quickly as possible.

The woman realized that she could not ignore her husband’s request and therefore began to create a small sanctuary. Its peculiarity was that inside an Indian resident placed an almost exact copy of the deceased man.

Each day Padmavati takes time to perform the rituals of worship and worship. This sacred process is called puja. It implies the worship of a particular deity or person in a variety of forms. This can be dancing, reading mantras, offering food, burning incense, and so on.

At night and on weekends, Padmavati uses special prayers and also gives other local residents food on behalf of the deceased spouse.

When other people learned about the construction, they began to come to the temple to pray for the woman’s health and remember her husband. With the help of social media, even more locals are now aware of this incredible act of Padmavati and her love for her husband.


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