A giant green flash splits off Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — Spanish photographer Juan Manuel Pérez Rayeg released images of Jupiter on December 26 last year, showing a strange flash of green. The object first appeared and then moved away from the planet.

The Spaniard wanted to capture the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, but filmed a real anomaly. The flash followed in an unknown direction and disappeared.


Previously, experts have encountered a similar situation on the Sun, where thermonuclear processes take place, but never on Jupiter.

The problem is also that the green lights on the luminary did not move anywhere. What could have arisen on the planet is a mystery. Experts began to say that the photographer saw a mirage. Of course, the man disagrees with such conclusions, as do netizens.

Perhaps something was flying near Jupiter. And it’s not a fact that it was something of natural origin. What was actually captured is unlikely to be found out.


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