Dead birds fell from the sky in Rome on New Year’s Eve

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 1, the inhabitants of Rome, who went out into the streets after the New Year, found many dead birds on the roads.

Officials say that due to the numerous fireworks, the birds lost their orientation, began to beat against the walls and bump into high-voltage lines.

The strange thing is that the roads were covered with corpses in only one area of ​​Rome. This casts doubt on the theory put forward, because fireworks were launched everywhere. Locals and netizens believe that the real reason lies in something else, perhaps mystical.

On various forums, they began to sin on 5G towers. Of course, no one takes such statements seriously.

First, radio waves have no effect on the state of living organisms (with the exception of insects, such as bees). Secondly, 5G in Rome is broadcasting everywhere, and birds have died in only one area.

Local residents noticed that lately pigeons have disappeared somewhere and there are fewer sparrows. The former do not exist at all, although they used to often rummage in garbage cans. The second has significantly decreased: the food left on the window sills is not completely eaten, as in previous years. Where the birds have gone is a mystery. Perhaps, dramatic changes are taking place in nature.

Specialists are still studying the incident. Maybe the mystery will be solved.


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