A ghost from the American Civil War was spotted in the photo

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(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual photo was taken in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which attracted the attention of many Internet users. In the background, in a picture taken near a house for sale, a strange figure can be seen that looks very ominous.

Reported by The Sun.

The author of an interesting photo, who has the nickname Drewb102, said that the house was previously used as a military hospital. It was used in the years 1861-1865, when the Civil War was taking place in the United States. Even the sales agent said that there are ghosts in the old building, so you need to be very careful.

All operations were carried out in the house. Then the patients were transferred to the courtyard and many of them died right in the tents. The author filmed the entire courtyard and the trees around, but did not notice anything strange. He saw the mysterious figure only in the evening, when he was reviewing the received photographs.

The post has garnered a huge amount of comments from Reddit users. Some really believe that this is a ghost. Others are more skeptical. They highlight the fact that the silhouette is too blurry, so it could be anything. Some users wrote that this was some kind of bag or bag that was stuck right in the fence. Some other commentators have suggested that it could be an old tree or even an umbrella forgotten by someone.


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