Briton gave up modern conveniences to live like a caveman

(ORDO NEWS) — Will Lord, who is 51 years old, lives in the UK. For a long time, he lived with his parents in the immediate vicinity of silicon mines, which were formed a long time ago. Parents taught their son to make tools from stone, which were used by cavemen during the Neolithic.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Having already become a grown man, Will continued to get involved in such an unusual business. He attended a variety of shows and thematic festivals, where he showed everyone how to properly make prehistoric tools. Gradually, such an original hobby has already become a way of life for the British. Now he uses a makeshift tent set up in the garden for sleeping. Also, Will does not take advantage of most of the amenities the modern world has to offer.

The Briton said that one day he realized that being in his own house was not entirely comfortable for him. After that, he began to lead a lifestyle reminiscent of a caveman. He only occasionally goes inside the house to use the Internet. For the sake of such a life, the man stopped doing business and sold almost everything to his friend. Will not only sleeps in a tent, but he also hunts, dines with raw meat and wears clothes made from animal skins, and has a very strange headdress made of bones on his head.

Relatives of the British have nothing against this hobby of Will, but they are not going to take part in his activities. For example, his son Xander, who is 11 years old, does not share his father’s hobbies, but they have a great time together and communicate well.


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