A copy of the Milky Way appeared in the sky over Hawaii

(ORDO NEWS) — Can the neoplasm be considered identical to Milky Way No.2?

Hawaiians are interested in this question, because the strange whirlpool that glowed in the sky above the Hawaiian Islands is incredibly similar to it.

The mysterious spiral was visible for a short time, and attracted the attention of astronomers and other scientists.

A copy of the Milky Way was spotted above the Mauna Kea volcano, which is considered long extinct. An unusual “whirlpool” is an extremely rare phenomenon, but it is easy to explain its appearance.

An unusual copy of the Milky Way was captured by the Subaru telescope. It belongs to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and is installed on top of Mauna Kea.

It turns out that this is just an atmospheric phenomenon. In fact, the mysterious galaxy-shaped spiral is associated with the launch of a SpaceX rocket.

Scientists from Japan gave an explanation for the unusual phenomenon. They said that the spiral glowing in the night sky was made up of rocket fuel that was ejected into the atmosphere during the Falcon 9 launch.

The first stage of this rocket provides the propulsion necessary for going into space. It exhausts its resource and turns back.

After that, the second stage of the rocket begins its active phase, the task of which is to launch a satellite into space. After completing its task, the second stage detaches from the rocket and falls.

Scientists always calculate the flight path of rockets. And their second degrees most often drown in ocean waters.

If fuel remains, it is first released into the atmosphere. That’s what happened this time. The remains of the fuel were released into the air, in the atmosphere it turned into a cloud of frozen crystals.

The sun’s rays illuminated them, so the formation attracted attention. This is not the first such case. Such phenomena are safe for mankind.


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