5 smartphones that are better to take instead of new iPhone SE 2020

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Apple introduced the new iPhone SE – and, as expected, this is again an iPhone with new hardware, but in the old design. Need to take? If you look at the price and what this new smartphone can do, and also evaluate other options at the same price or slightly lower, this is not such a bargain. Because there is plenty to choose from. You could also consider a 3utools download if you have an existing iPhone and jailbreak it to extend its features and performance.

It’s worth going down from heaven to earth and understanding something about the new iPhone model, which stands like the flagships of Xiaomi. Take a look at iPhone SE 2020:

The first thing that catches your eye is a huge framework. In 2014, when the iPhone 6 came out, that was still the norm. In principle, in 2017 on the iPhone 8 they looked still bearable. The irony is that it was Apple that introduced the fashion for total formlessness (iPhone X), and as a result, today even budget employees on Android have a better ratio of the screen area to the front surface than the “new” iPhone SE in the case of iPhone 8. By the ratio of frames to the diagonal of the display iPhone SE 2020 (138.4 mm high, 4.7 “display) is at the level of Xiaomi Redmi Go (140 mm, 5” display) – a smartphone for 4 thousand rubles for poor Indians.

The screen resolution is also, of course, not 40 thousand rubles, because we have here an HD IPS display. The display of such a normal Android-smartphone … for 8-10 thousand rubles. Still, it’s good that it’s not AMOLED – in this case, the sharpness of the picture would be even lower (see PenTile ). On the other hand, IPS drains the battery faster, which in the iPhone SE 2020 is only 1821 mAh …

What else? Oh yes, just one camera. At the very least, there is not enough ultra wide-angle lens – without it it’s already somehow boring. However, here you can give an indulgence: nevertheless, not always in Android smartphones several cameras are actually used as several cameras (in cheap Realme, for example, almost all cameras except the main one are used as “dummies” ). And if it’s one, but good, then it’s better than a few lousy ones, as is still the case with all TCL mobile phones and other useless flagship Nokias .

It is also embarrassing that the iPhone SE 2020 is defective dual-SIM. “On paper”, it supports two SIM cards, in fact one of them is eSIM. I don’t argue, the technology is good, but it doesn’t work in Russia (and now the devil knows with coronavirus when it will start working) and therefore it is of little use. Why is Apple still, in 2020, not just able to allocate space for two very small nano-SIMs in each of its devices, as others do? Yes, because they wanted to spit on the wishes of customers of one of the largest markets for their expensive mobile phones. For some reason, the Chinese overpower themselves and make smartphones with NFC for Russia (Alcatel, Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei and others), and hot American guys do not exchange such trifles.

Finally, it is worth bearing in mind that the iPhone SE version with only 64 GB of internal memory costs 40 thousand rubles. At the same time, it is iOS updates that are pumped out several gigabytes at once. It’s hard to find an Android smartphone with 64 GB for 40 thousand rubles today, everything goes like 128 GB or higher, and many still support a memory card (iPhone does not support).

The only thing that iPhone SE could theoretically be really good is the camera and, in particular, shooting video. But this, I emphasize, so far only theoretically because there have not yet been real tests. We only know that it has 12 megapixels, aperture f / 1.8 and optical stabilization. IPhone 8 and iPhone 11 have cameras with such characteristics “on paper”: the first camera is already lousy by today’s standards, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro destroys it for the quality of photos in the bud for 15 thousand rubles (but not the quality of the video), the second is the level of a good Samsung Galaxy S10 or Huawei P30, that is, it costs its 40 thousand. I would like to believe that the camera is really completely unified with the iPhone 11, but they say that the night mode on the iPhone SE 2020 is not available. If this is not marketing meanness, when the camera’s performance is degraded by software, then, perhaps inside is just an old sensor from an iPhone-8, which removes lousy in night mode. I will be glad to be mistaken.

One could also mention the fact that Apple itself once said from the scene that Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) is no longer needed and is not accurate at all, and Face ID (face recognition) is our everything, and fans screamed with delight echoing your favorite company. But iPhone SE has only Touch ID, but Face ID doesn’t. And what will Apple say now? Of course, nothing of the matter – the company will again change hands on the fly (like loyal fans) and will push Touch ID.

In fact, of course, a fingerprint scanner is better than facial recognition. Yes, purely mathematically, the number of similar prints can be higher than the number of similar individuals. The problem is that it is easy to identify a similar person visually, and to find such a person is also easy – they are likely to be your relative. But to find a person with similar fingerprints is possible only by exhaustive search of all fingerprints in general, and they may be someone living on the opposite point of the globe. The only reason for the appearance of Face ID in iPhones is that Apple really wanted to make the screen in its entirety, for some reason she didn’t like the scanner on the back, and Apple doesn’t have technologies for embedding the scanner under the screen, unlike almost all competitors on Android.

At the same time, iOS today is inferior to Android. For example, on Android you can top up the Troika card, it’s convenient to connect to external wireless accessories thanks to the full NFC module, it’s convenient to drop your favorite songs on your phone and use any player to listen to them. Whatever application on Android you use, it can completely replace any standard application to the full, whereas on iOS this is not possible. I personally have always had problems with the music collection (formerly iTunes, now simply “Music”). The tracks were simply duplicated. Legally purchased! Resetting the library helped for a couple of weeks, then again this.

But let’s get down to business. So, you have plus or minus 40 thousand and you are already in the wake of hype thinking about buying an iPhone SE. But I recommend paying attention to the following models:

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Until the dollar started to grow again, the Galaxy S10e could be bought for 40 thousand officially (later the company reduced the price even to 35 thousand per share), and unofficially – for 33 thousand. Now, in the wake of the jump in the rate, the price has crawled up (the official online store has raised the price to 50 thousand), but it still remains approximately the same as the price of iPhone SE, especially if we make an adjustment for the internal memory – it has 128 GB of S10e and a slot microSD available, unlike the iPhone.

In my opinion, the Galaxy S10e is one of the best smartphones from Samsung in recent years. Plus, the Smartphone Maroc Prix is very affordable. Powerful (Exynos processors, of course, are voracious, but in speed it is an analogue of Snapdragon 855 almost always), incredibly compact with its 5.8 inches of cool cool Full HD AMOLED display with a case the size of 5.1 inches. After the HD IPS in the iPhone, it’s just a display of the gods! And I’m practically not joking.

Separately, I note the excellent quality of photo and video shooting (in some places even better than the S20, because Koreans have crooked hands and need to wait for firmware updates to work with the new sensors in the S20), as well as the presence of an ultra-wide-angle lens. Moreover! Galaxy S10e is one of the latest Samsung flagships with a 3.5mm jack for wired headphones (while maintaining dust / moisture protection of the case).

If the iPhone SE 2020 has a camera borrowed from the iPhone 11, you can seriously talk about the choice, if the iPhone 8 – Galaxy S10e is better on absolutely all fronts.

Xiaomi Mi 9

The Chinese flagship all-in-one of the 2019 model year sample, the latest relatively cheap top-end Xiaomi (all new low-cost models are now available under the budget subsidiary Redmi brand). A powerful processor with protection against throttling (overheating and concomitant loss of power), good (not a record, but at least no worse than that of the iPhone 11) autonomy, high-quality camera (at the time of release it was one of the best, today it is still above average , including shooting a video) – and all this for about 30 thousand rubles. A model with 64 GB of memory costs 27-28 thousand.

It is also one of the coolest low-cost flagships in terms of charging power – 27 watts in wire and 20 watts in wireless charging technology. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S10e consumes a maximum of 15 watts of wire and 15 watts of wire, some smartphones have wireless charging even slower.

True, this was not enough for Xiaomi fans, the smartphone itself didn’t take off, it was quickly discontinued and, under the influence of hard drugs (not otherwise), all kinds of Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Mi 9 Lite and Mi 9 SE began to be stamped so that no one , besides the reviewers, I could not figure out the differences between the xiaomophon models. However, buying the classic correct Mi 9 to this day is not a problem. The new Mi 10s have not yet reached us (and it will not be clear when, you all know, in connection with what global events), so personally I can not draw any conclusions on his account. But in Mi 9, in comparison with the iPhone SE, you will get several cameras (including super-wide and zoom), and almost complete formlessness.

The screen will already be 6.39 inches (Full-HD +), but the case will be rather big: 157.5×74.7×7.6 / 173 g. However, it’s convenient to hold it in your hand anyway, and the Mi 10 and other Chinese flagships of the 2020 model year will be even bigger.

By the way, since I mentioned Mi 9T – for the sake of economy (are we considering a “cheap” iPhone?), You should choose it rather than a full-length Mi 9. Get not a flagship processor, but an average processor, but a more capacious battery and cool autonomy, consequently.

Oppo reno2

Honestly, I have a lot of complaints about the new Oppo Reno3 (details will be in the review), but Oppo Reno2 is exactly that smartphone in which Oppo did not “freebie” and seriously tried to fight Huawei and Xiaomi in terms of price-quality ratio (yes, I know that Apple is not talking about that at all). The design is so good that all the same Xiaomi were not too lazy to steal this appearance for their Redmi Note 8 Pro. Well, a camera going to one side is a taste (although it’s cool, you can’t confuse it with any other smartphone), but I personally liked the absolutely flat back of the smartphone, where even the glass on the camera lenses completely merges with the body. And, if we began to poke around in the details, the kit comes with an excellent leatherette case – such as those that Apple sells separately for 3-4k, and which Apple lose their presentation in a couple of weeks.

The rest is a good 48 megapixel camera (with a full set of all the lenses needed today) with, attention, optical stabilization (which is not deprived of Xiaomi Mi 9), complete frameless ness due to the fact that the selfie camera leaves the inside of the case, a perfectly working fingerprint scanner under the screen (don’t laugh, the Chinese do not always do this, and the Samsung S10 scanner could be better), an economical, medium-speed processor, a Full HD + AMOLED display and a memory capacity of as much as 8/256 GB. And all this for 38-40 thousand rubles. Expensive, as for the “Chinese”, which in Russian conditions cannot be called prestigious yet. But, just in case, I remind you that an iPhone SE with 256 GB of memory will cost you 54 thousand.

And how much better will the iPhone be? On the processor and speed – radically. By autonomy – it will definitely turn out to be worse. On the camera – if it is borrowed from iPhone 8 in SE 2020, then Oppo will shoot either the same or a little better. If iPhone 11 is a new budget iPhone, still, in terms of photo and video, it will be preferable.

It is a pity that the Reno2 has a screen of 6.5 inches. In general, never a compact smartphone. But, if you look at the iPhone SE 2020 not because of its compactness, but because it is “relatively inexpensive, but for all that’s in terms of characteristics,” Oppo has some parameters (memory, design, autonomy, a set of cameras for zooming in or out of the “uncropped”) will be better.

Huawei P30

The flagships of Huawei 2020, unfortunately, are already deprived of Google services, but the Huawei P30 is still relevant. What is especially interesting, given its price – 30–32 thousand rubles! Excellent photography (but with the video, of course, it’s still far from an iPhone), a bright, clear and economical FHD + AMOLED display, an outstanding ratio of speed and autonomy (like any other smartphone with AMOLED and the Kirin 980 processor).

From the point of view of prestige, Huawei, of course, loses to Apple significantly, but it is a very solid smartphone, one of the best in quality in terms of the ruble spent.

Google pixel 3a

Due to the fact that Google puts on the sale of branded smartphones in the Russian Federation with a device, Google Pixel in our open spaces can only be bought at one and a half outbid (for which they thank you, because personally, when you order from abroad, you will be stunned by duties).

But ideologically, this is the closest rival to the iPhone SE 2020 – a serious smartphone from the world-famous and prestigious office, with “licked” speed and no less “licked” reference quality for shooting photos and videos. At the same time, Pixel 3a, unlike “just pixels” – the model “we figured out how to make your flagship cheaper. A full copy of SE’s, only, unfortunately, it’s worse with autonomy, the processor is weaker (because last year’s model) , and the price bites – 35 thousand rubles.

Nevertheless, wealthy IT guys who like to buy such smartphones because of “clean” Android with flagship features claim that there is something in it and that “once I tried it, there is no turning back”. Perhaps they are right, you have a chance to buy the same and tell us.


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