3 reasons why those who came from villages after graduating from the university come back

(ORDO NEWS) — Stephanie Soule, PhD in higher education from Iowa State University (USA), explained why students from rural areas do not stay in the city after graduation.

Usually successful students from villages and villages who graduate from the university stay to live in the city or in the suburbs. This is proven by scientific research.

However, there are also graduates who return to the countryside. What factors contribute to this? According to expert Stephanie Soule and her colleagues, there are three of them.

To conduct the study, experts analyzed US national data on the well-being of adolescents in adulthood. In this case, only those who left at least 50 miles (about 80.5 km) from home were taken into account.

1- Close-knit school communities. The people who came back really appreciated the experiences they had in middle and high school. Moreover, the more they liked to study at school, the more likely they were to return to their native area.

Three reasons why those who came from villages after graduating from the university come back 2

2- Less people, more nature. There are many natural resources in villages and villages, cleaner air. In addition, rural residents are often strongly attached to nature.

Peace and quiet, fresh and clean air give them a sense of satisfaction with life. It also found that those who lived in small towns or undeveloped lands were twice as likely to return home as graduates from larger cities.

3- Contributing to the community where they grew up. It turned out that graduates who grew up in places where there are few people with higher education returned home more often. In particular, this was due to those who worked as a doctor, teacher, lawyer, and had their own business.


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