1942 L-8 ‘ghost airship’ case – 80 years later still a mystery

(ORDO NEWS) — In August 1942, the airship disappeared, and a few hours later reappeared, with its entire crew missing.

The airship, designated L-8, was a US Navy L-class airship that took off from Treasure Island, San Francisco, California and soon disappeared over the ocean near Fort Funston.

However, when it reappeared a few hours later, something was wrong – the airship behaved as if no one controlled it, and some time after that it crashed south of San Francisco.

After examining the crash site, investigators were surprised to find that there were no traces of the two crew members who were on board during the takeoff of the airship.

Even stranger was the fact that the parachutes and the emergency raft were in place and all of the airship’s radio systems were functional, which meant that if there was any problem, none of the crew members tried to signal for help.

Moreover, there were no signs of any damage or malfunctions that could damage the airship.

It was as if the crew had jumped into the ocean for no apparent reason.

Extensive searches and investigations into the incident ultimately yielded no explanation, and no trace of the two crew members was ever found.

Even today, 80 years later, what happened to them remains a complete mystery.


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