Drought in China reveals mysterious ‘alien’ patterns at the bottom of a dry lake

(ORDO NEWS) — A debilitating drought has dramatically depleted a huge lake in China and, in turn, has revealed numerous mysterious structures.

Mysterious structures creating symmetrical patterns have been seen on the exposed bottom of Dongting Lake, located in Hunan province.

Videos of the strange formations soon went viral on Chinese social media, with many people offering some pretty fantastic explanations for the strange patterns.

As you can imagine, due to their resemblance to crop circles, many have suggested that aliens are behind the strange shapes.

In response to these speculations, a spokesman for the department that manages the lake suggested that the patterns are likely the remains of a fishing trap known as “ai wei” in which small walls are used to catch fish as the water level rises and then falls due to river connecting to the lake.

However, not everyone believed this explanation, expressing skepticism due to the huge size of the figures, noting that “each block of ‘patterns’ is the size of a standard football field.”

Whether these patterns were made by humans or aliens, the fact that they could be seen at all is of concern to many, as this lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the country, and due to drought, it has lost a staggering 70 percent of its water.


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