You can visit “another planet” without even leaving Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — There are so many mysteries on Earth that striving a person into space seems like a whim of a spoiled teenager who still does not really understand what and why he is doing.

This applies not only to various fantastic and purely otherworldly phenomena, such as, say, parallel worlds, mystical animals and fantastic intelligent creatures, UFOs, which are still a mystery to us with seven seals, but even those unearthly beauties of the planet that are in no way inferior to the most unbridled fantasies about what other worlds of the universe are.

In Venezuela, for example, one can endlessly admire Roraima Mountain, the lost world of Canaima Park

In Nevada, the United States of America will not leave you indifferent geyser Fly

Admire and hold your breath in delight at the sight of the magical Chinese mountains of Tianji

The amazing Firefly Cave can be visited in New Zealand

And how do you like the Pamukkale travertines of Turkey?

The great Lake Baikal turns into a gloomy kingdom of ice in winter

Zhangye Danxia Chinese Geopark can be compared with the landscapes of the Red Planet

In Vietnam, there is simply a giant, the largest on Earth Shondong cave

On the island of Yemen, Sokoot is worth admiring the unique trees – dracena

And in Northern Ireland there is a real Giants Road

Maldives will please us with a shining night beach

Amazingly beautiful Portuguese cave in the Algarve

And who will the American Antelope Canyon be indifferent to?

Cueva de los Crystals – Crystal Cave in Mexico can be compared with the afterlife of chaos

Are the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia beautiful?

And just the amazing crimson Panjin beach in China

Admire the Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia

And these “anointed” dunes of the American volcanic park Lassen are just cuties

The harsh Namib desert in Namibia seems like a lifeless planet

Like the pinkish tender Retba Lake in Senegal

But the Icelandic Ice Cave is more like the castle of the Snow Queen

And here is another apartment of Snow Beauty – a Russian ice cave near the volcano Mutnovsky

In Canada, there is a rare spotted lake, Kulluk, which is rare in its beauty and uniqueness.

Tourists certainly go to Turkmenistan to see the “Gates of Hell” – the ever-burning gas crater

In Tanzania, Lake Natron is breathtaking

And the Ice Cave in Oregon in the United States of America is rather scary

And you can endlessly walk along the magic glacier Skaftafell Iceland


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