Wuhan laboratory was going to study the most dangerous viruses in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — After accusations of the coronavirus pandemic rained down from the Chinese media in the direction of other countries, users found new news about the sensational Wuhan laboratory, reports The Epoch Times.

The discovered articles were supposed to demonstrate to everyone the “achievements” of China in the field of science, but now they have become real proof that this particular country is the source of the coronavirus.

In early January 2018, an official statement was received that a laboratory with a P4 biosafety level began operating in Wuhan.

According to the media, the laboratory can study the most dangerous viruses and a variety of microorganisms. The laboratory also received permission to conduct various kinds of experiments with such dangerous viruses as Nipah and Ebola.

Also, a message about the study of dangerous viruses was received back in February 2017. The article said that by 2025, China plans to build 5-7 more similar laboratories in the country.

In addition, the article contains information that some of the scientists from other countries are afraid that there is a leak of pathogens. Richard Ebright has repeatedly spoken about the SARS virus leaks in the Beijing laboratory.

Some experts believe that the Chinese Communist Party is planning to create a powerful biological weapon in the near future.


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