A mysterious cluster of dark matter found near Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — In the framework of regular observations by specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it was found that there is a very mysterious cluster of dark matter in the Toucan II galaxy.

It is close enough to Earth: the distance is only 163 thousand light years.

Astronomers have noticed stars in the galaxy that, for some reason, are very distant from the center. Bodies are affected by gravity three to five times the standard. Subsequently, it was concluded that relict galactic systems include an incredible amount of dark matter.

Toucan II includes stars with incredibly low metallicity (the percentage of hydrogen or helium is extremely low). The objects were formed during the period of the origin of the Universe.

Dark matter is a component of outer space, which is shrouded in many secrets and mysteries. It is impossible to see it, and therefore to study it in detail. It is only known that the Universe is 85% dark matter, which holds bodies within a particular galaxy. It is she who is the “foundation” of all systems in space.


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