Woman visited the other world, where she saw a crowd in a huge stadium

(ORDO NEWS) — The Internet has accumulated a huge number of incredible stories related to near-death experiences. We invite you to get acquainted with another, in our opinion, unusual story, shared by a woman named Leni.

On a September night in 2016, Leni suffered from a severe headache. She tossed and turned in bed and tried to decide whether to take another pain reliever or continue to endure the pain.

The woman rolled over on her other side in an attempt to sleep, and she was struck by a bright light that suddenly burst into the bedroom.

At first Leni thought it was the light of a passing car and looked at the curtains, but they were tightly curtained. In the golden light, Leni saw a tunnel that led into a golden room, invisible from this side. The energy emanating from the tunnel was enveloping in love and kindness.

“I was lying in bed experiencing severe migraine pain. I tried to decide whether I should take more aspirin or let my body heal on its own. I rolled over on my other side to try to sleep, and light spilled into my bedroom. ”

“I figured it might be a passing car, so I looked at my curtains to make sure they were still closed. They were, and I could see this beautiful golden light and the tunnel that was connected to the golden room, although I could not see the room. This tunnel was so loving and kind. ”

“I don’t know how to explain this, other than to say that the tunnel was mine. The energy emanating from the tunnel was so peaceful. All my migraine pain is gone. I did not completely leave my body, but I felt weightlessness, as if I could mentally move back and forth, although I continued to lie on the bed.

“I asked my Spiritual Guides if this is so. If this were my light and my tunnel. They nodded excitedly. There was no judgment, no matter what my choice was. ”

“I really wanted to go further into this tunnel, but if I went further into it, I knew that I could not stay on Earth. I have never felt such peace as I do now. This peace was so strong that it seemed almost physical. ”

“Suddenly I saw a golden creature – a golden man with a long golden beard. It seemed that he was standing on the podium, and behind him were all my deceased loved ones. They really wanted to be with me to comfort me. Their faces were so loving. Then I found myself in a huge stadium. ”

“There were souls around me, but behind the barrier. It was a real pandemonium. I couldn’t understand why they were so excited. For example, who they were expecting to see. It was like when you see the Beatles and all the fans are screaming to get closer to them.

All these souls screamed and were glad to come close to me. I could hardly believe it. They were so proud of me for coming to Earth.

“And I realized that they were waiting for me to write my name in the halls of celebration of those who came to Earth. It’s so hard here that we are all honored for coming here. At that moment I was incredibly ashamed. ”

“They considered me a hero and I hated most of my life on Earth. I’ve been complaining for most of my life. Suddenly, even before I could get to the place to sign in the Great Hall of Life, I realized that I could not do this and stay there. I started to crawl back very slowly. ”

“I would be very upset to leave this dimension (it was in my bedroom, but also in another dimension, very strange) if I didn’t want to stay on Earth.

I sat in awe of what had happened, and the golden light remained in my room and sustained it for about 30 minutes. I bathed in this radiance and felt love and peace until I fell asleep. From then on I will look forward to death, it was so wonderful.”


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