Why doesn’t everyone on Earth talk about aliens?

(ORDO NEWS) — There have been some intriguing revelations about the US government’s UFO program over the past few months, but few seem to have noticed.

On July 23, The New York Times published an article citing one of the defense contractors who said the US Department of Defense could own “alien vehicles not manufactured on this earth.”

This quote is the cornerstone of the Times’ three years of investigative journalism, which began with articles in 2017, including a front page article showing that the Pentagon was still running a UFO research program that was alleged to have been shut down years earlier.

The 2017 articles also included leaked videos filmed by the US Navy between 2004 and 2015 showing their pilots tracking strange, unidentified flying machines that contradict our current understanding of aeronautics in our atmosphere.

Chad Underwood, the fighter pilot who filmed one of the videos, said the object he was tracking “did not behave within the normal laws of physics.” Its commander at the time, David Fravor, also made similar statements about another object he encountered on the same day.

For three years, a number of scientists and random skeptics have studied the video taken by the US military, trying to take it all apart and find a reasonable explanation for what the pilots of the US Navy saw, but after three years after the appearance of these videos, the Pentagon did not accept or use. variants of explanations offered by skeptics.

In April of this year, the Ministry of Defense officially recognized the videos as real and stated that “the aerial phenomena observed in these videos are still characterized as unidentified.”

And that brings us back to July 23rd. The story, which discusses “alien cars”, also quotes former and current US lawmakers who don’t want to make any claims about aliens at all.

But they also refer to reports of the same mysterious aircraft that have appeared over US military bases with technologies that are potentially “not included in the American arsenal.”

Marco Rubio, a Republican who currently chairs the Senate’s special intelligence committee, is more worried that this represents “some technological leap” by one of the US’s ground-based rivals.

The US Department of Defense has created a multi-million dollar, partially classified research project on UFOs and the probable presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth. The Pentagon would not have done all of this, whether these UFOs, birds or some kind of “weather phenomena”.

The Pentagon remains unconvinced of the explanations put forward by skeptics about UFOs over the past three years.

First, if some other country besides the US developed materials and technological capabilities, perhaps as early as 2004, that confuse the US defense community in 2020 and cause US Navy pilots to question their understanding of aerodynamics – that was This would be especially unusual given the interconnectedness of the global defense science and research community and the fact that the United States spends far more on defense than any other country.

The second possibility is advanced aliens.

Surprisingly, it suddenly doesn’t seem so unreasonable. Shocking, but not without reason. So why isn’t the whole world talking about aliens now?

The classic explanation is that it is too embarrassing for all the scientists, politicians, and defense strategists who will be leading the discussion.

As Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense of the United States, said: “Nobody wants to be an outsider in a bureaucratic national security system; nobody wants to be ridiculed or harassed for drawing attention to the UFO problem.”

It seems that few journalists also want to be “aliens”, given the relative absence of aliens in the global information space.

This speaks to the role of “common opinion” and the fear of losing the social position gained by everyone – from journalists to scientists and bureaucrats from the national security agency.

Another explanation is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Many stories of UFO sightings and other significant events, from the plague of the Desert Locust that devastated food supplies in dozens of countries, to deadly violence between soldiers of two nuclear powers, went unnoticed in a world plagued by the coronavirus.

There is a certain world-wide humility. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed many of the socioeconomic cracks in our civilization, and we simply have no free space to think beyond the surface of the Earth.

Medical science is fighting a battle in which there is no guarantee that it will be able to win very soon. Economic inequality and poverty increase as food security declines and economic growth declines.

The fact that our curiosity is only minimally aroused by what is leaking from the Pentagon shows how many questions the collective intelligence of mankind occupies.

While we continue to deliver astronauts to low Earth orbit and plan missions to Mars, our planet’s gravity is taking its toll on us right now.

For more than four decades since NASA’s Voyager spacecraft was launched in 1977 with a message to other worlds, there has been a coordinated international effort at international level to send messages into deep space with little hope that there is. someone expecting a similar signal to be sent and received by someone else. But for this, after all, there in another world, someone must be “on constant watch” and look for our messages and signals.

How tragic it would be if the evidence of extraterrestrial life increased and we were neither vigilant nor attentive, we would not even notice this evidence.

UFOs are reality, but the world does not care about studying what these objects are and where they come from to our planet, and most importantly for what purpose they do it.


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