Why didn’t Jupiter become a star

(ORDO NEWS) — The chemical composition of Jupiter is very similar to the Sun : approximately 89% hydrogen, 10% helium and 1% other gases, including water vapor.

And Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, the diameter and mass of which is 11 and 317 times greater than the corresponding parameters of our planet.

A very common misconception is that Jupiter is a failed star that just barely had enough mass for the solar system to be a binary star system.

However, Jupiter needed to be at least 60 times as massive as its current state in order to become a small and cool star.

Jupiter is a typical gas giant with a diameter of 139,820 kilometers. There are planets in the Milky Way significantly larger and more massive than Jupiter, and TrES-4 is one of them.

At 1,435 light-years from Earth, TrES-4 is 54.4% larger than Jupiter, but even this large object is just a planet.


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