Which chakras are responsible for the availability of money: Simple methods for opening them

(ORDO NEWS) — A person has seven chakras, that is, energy centers. Only three are responsible for financial well-being. Today I will tell you about them, as well as give simple techniques for their disclosure.

So, I will not drag out and tell you what chakras are and what role they play in our life. If at the moment you are experiencing financial difficulties, then most likely the problem lies in the following chakras – Manipura, Vishudha, Ajna.

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This is the main chakra that is responsible for a person’s financial success. More than half of the achievements in the field of career and finance depend on how active she is. It is located at the level of the solar plexus.

This energy center helps to keep a person’s motivation high. And as we all know, with low motivation, a person has weak energy, he has no desire to move forward, develop, learn something new. If Manipura is hammered, a person wakes up broken, cannot overcome laziness, he lacks leadership qualities.

Since it is located near the lungs, it can be adjusted using simple breathing exercises. I recommend carrying them out immediately after waking up. Take a comfortable position, relax, get all thoughts out of your head. Breathing in the air slowly, try to feel it fill your lungs, then exhale. As you exhale, relax so that the air comes out of the lungs by itself. After just 15 breaths, Manipura will be open throughout the day.

Talismans are also effective for opening this chakra. To activate, you can use carnelian, topaz, amber and gold. You can wear yellow clothes and use citrus scents.


This chakra provides 30% of financial success. And since it is located at the level of the throat, it is responsible for communication, finding harmony and mutual understanding with the people around us.

Also, Vishuddha provides a person with a flow of creative energy. And if it is closed, then the person is not able to make important decisions and engage in creative activities. Creative and new ideas just don’t reach the mind.

To open this energy center, you should wear things of turquoise, blue, white and green. Wear stones: coral, garnet, aventurine. Use cinnamon and mint flavors to be more effective.


Its second name is “third eye” and it is located in the center of the forehead. A person who has a well-developed Ajna has excellent intuition, and in some cases, extrasensory abilities.

To develop this energy center, first of all, you should meditate daily, try to listen to your inner voice and avoid constant fuss.

When it comes to clothing, it is best to wear purple or blue. From aromas, almonds or pine needles should be preferred. And as an amulet to wear jewelry made of tourmaline, pearls, cupronickel, silver, platinum, the tiger’s eye is also perfect.

And in stressful life circumstances, you can close your eyes and rub the middle of your forehead with your fingertips, without using large ones. Sounds of rain, waterfall, river, pouring water will be auspicious.

If Ajna is not active, a person begins to have problems with memory and mental activity. The desire to learn and engage in the development of your intellect disappears.

And remember, the work of the chakras is strongly influenced by the way of life, or rather, nutrition, healthy sleep, physical activity. Try to surround yourself only with nice people, and put as many positive thoughts into your head as possible, and then your life will begin to change!


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