When children start talking about their past lives

(ORDO NEWS) — The average age at which children begin to talk about past lives is 35 months. Some make statements in a detached way, but many show strong emotional involvement in their statements.

Some weep and beg to be taken to what they call their former family. Others show intense anger, especially towards the killers in cases where the previous person was killed.

In general, the stronger the evidence of connection with a previous life, the more emotional the child shows when talking about his life.

Many seem to need to be in a certain mood to access memories. Children usually stop making statements about their past lives by the age of six or seven and lose their memories completely.

This is the age when children go to school and begin to get more experience in the current life.

Past life memories often last longer in cases where a previous identity has been identified, as contact between two families seems to keep them alive longer.

One such case is the documented memories of a past life of a girl from India – Kumkuma Verma.

She lived in a village, but when she was 3.5 years old, she began to reveal that she lived in Darbhang, a city of 200,000 people. it was 25 km from here. She named the area of ​​the city where she said she lived.

The aunt wrote down a number of her statements before anyone tried to verify them. Dr. Stevenson was able to obtain copies of 18 statements made by Kumkuma.

These included the name of her son in the past life she described and the fact that he worked with a hammer, the name of her grandson, the city where her father lived, and personal details such as having an iron safe at home, a sword hanging next to door. the cot she slept in and the pet snake she fed milk.

As a result of the search conducted by the doctor, it was found that in this city, five years before the birth of Kumkum, a woman died, whose life corresponded to all the details listed above.

Kumkuma’s father, a landowner and homeopathic doctor, once visited the family of his daughter’s previous parents in Darbhang, but never allowed Kumkuma to meet them, presumably partly because he was not proud that his daughter in a past life was the wife of an ordinary blacksmith.


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