What names make women the most attractive – said the expert

(ORDO NEWS) — Since ancient times, people have approached the choice of a name responsibly. In many religions and teachings, it is generally accepted that the name of a person has a special meaning for him, endows the bearer with certain character traits, strong and weak properties, and perhaps even predicts a certain fate. It protects, inspires accomplishments, helps to achieve your goals.

Psychic and master of the occult sciences Andrei Harris has no doubts about the wisdom of his ancestors. In an exclusive interview with 5-tv.ru, he considered one of the aspects of a female name – its ability to make the owner attractive and sexy.

According to him, the combination of certain letters, syllables, their sound – all this becomes a magical prism that can reveal a fatal temptress in a woman.

So what female names will not let a single gentleman pass by?

“Two letters form a syllable, it is this syllable that is the very prism that carries sexual energy. There are five main categories of names. The first are names containing the syllable “ar”, for example, Margarita, Maria, Marina, Daria, Darina. These owners are the sexiest for members of the opposite sex,” says Harris.

The second category contains the letters “e” and “p”, the syllable “er”. So, guys, getting acquainted with Valeria or Veronica, be careful! You yourself will not notice how the magical charms of these ladies will turn your head. The rare syllable “ir” also sounds sexy in male ears, as in the name Irina. Irochki, Andrey Harris is sure, know how to drive their chosen “victim” crazy without spending much effort on it.

“The ancients said that if a female name begins and ends with the same letter, then such an owner will be very happy in her personal life. For example, these are the names Alice or Alina. And the syllable “in” completes our five. It occurs in similar names – Paulina, Inna, Nina, ”says the psychic

As Andrey Harris notes, referring to knowledge from occult sources, it is never too late to consciously change your name. If you want to change your life for the better, strengthen your charms and improve the romantic aspect of life, the list of the best options is in front of you.

It is worth noting that the power of a name and its ability to influence fate has not been scientifically proven; data on this are broadcast exclusively by experts in the field of subtle matters. However, changes sometimes really help to start a new life. Hoping for a name or working on yourself with circumstances is your choice.


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