United States and China have chosen the same sites for landing on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Against the backdrop of NASA’s ongoing attempts to send an unmanned expedition “Artemis I” into space, disputes between the United States and China over manned flights to the moon have escalated.

In August, the US space agency revealed 13 possible landing zones on the moon for the Artemis III expedition, all located at the south pole of Earth’s natural satellite.

Almost simultaneously with NASA’s announcement, an article appeared in a Chinese science journal in which Chang’e-4 mission leader Jen He and other leading Chinese scientists announced 10 potential landing sites for the Chang’e-7 expedition, which will take place in 2024.

Some of these zones intersect with those specified by NASA.

The Chang’e-7 unmanned expedition will consist of an orbiter, a relay satellite, a landing platform, a lunar rover and a flying mini-probe designed to search for water.

NASA plans to send humans to the lunar surface after 2025.


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