Underground city of the 8th century discovered by builders in Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Turkish province of Konya, an underground city was discovered during construction work, the Anadolu agency reports.

According to this information, there are rooms underground, interconnected by a network of tunnels. The settlement dates back to the 8th century AD.

Scientists believe that its total area can reach 5 thousand square meters.

Earlier it was reported that a group of Iranian and French researchers found traces of the earliest settlement in Iran.

The discovery was made in the Kal-e-Kord cave in Qazvin province. Stone tools and hunting tools were found in the cave.

The study showed that people inhabited the cave 400 thousand years ago. It may have been inhabited by species that predated Neanderthals and Homo sapiens: Heidelberg man and Homo erectus.


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